The High Level of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine;

 Intelligent, Efficient, Safe & Environmental Friendly


Glorystar Laser Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise combining state-of-the-art technologies to develop and produce high power laser cutting machines. Glory Star have the manufacturing capabilities to produce 500W-20000W metal laser cutters which can be adjusted with customer needs. Glory Star main product types include tube fiber laser cutting machine, sheet fiber laser cutting machine, tube and sheet combined fiber laser cutting machine, all cover exchange platform laser cutting machine, and single table fiber laser cutting machine. One of Glorystar product called NAVSTAR series is a High Level Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.

The NAVSTAR laser cutter is the innovation of laser machine, which is efficient, safe and eco-friendly laser cutting machine co-developed by Glorystar Laser and an European company, and features a maximum working area of 8 x 2.5m. NAVSTAR has innovation with its structural designs,  a gantry type double side drive ensures a uniform beam force and small transmission error, making it suitable for large format and high speed laser cutting applications. Traditional laser cutters only apply 3-8 dedusting partitions.

However, The NAVSTAR laser cutter not only increases longitudinal partitions but also increases horizontal dedusting partitions. These doubled partition numbers ensure an outstanding dust removal effect. In addition, traditional laser cutters with complicated circuits and more components are prone to signal interference. To solve this problem, Glorystar Laser transmits signals liable to interference through a cable shielded with a shielding device, ensuring a reduction in interference coupling.

The NAVSTAR laser is an intelligent, efficient, safe, and environmental friendly with European standard Configuration but with openness, supporting Artificial Intelligent (AI) products, automatic dust collecting system which is environmental friendly. The NAVSTAR is fully enclosed protection, high and safety for operation, Accurate and efficient with EtherCAT BUS control, Adopt third-generation CNC system, number of own R&D plug-in NC programs. TPM motor, deceleration integrated high-end configuration, high-response speed to ensure processing efficiency. High-pressure servo propotional valve switch automatically for oxygen, nitrogen, and air, integrated, safe and efficient.