Angle Lever Tools (0.8 to 21 Nm)

A10 Output Part No
1/4″ Square Drive 20D122900
3/8″ Square Drive 20D122901
1/4″ Quick Change 20D122902
A13 Short Output (E12 Models) Part No
3/8″ Double-Ended, LH Thread 20D121912
3/8” Double-Ended, RH Thread 20D121917
Flush Socket 12mm Max* 20D121918
1/4” Square Drive 20D121919
1/4” Quick Change 20D121916
1/4” Magnetic Internal Hex 20D121920
A13 Long Output (E23 Models) Part No.
3/8” Double-Ended, RH Thread B3117
Rivnut Attachmment F3376
1/4” Square Drive A3156
1/4” Magnetic Internal Hex A3157
1/4” – 28 Threaded Female A3351
3/8” – 24 Threaded Magnetic A3158
5/16” – 24 Threaded Female A3441
A14 Output Part No.
1/4” Internal Hex 20D112110
Suspension Bails *** Part No.
Standard Wire Bail A3061
Swivel (E12 only) 20K101402
Swivel (E 23/33 only) 20K101400
Vinyl Covers Part No.
A10 Output 20D250711
A13 Output 20D250705
A14 Output 20D250701
2-Hand Anti-Tiedown Part No.
E23 Tools 20G100104
Socket Lock Pin 3/8″ or 1/2″ SD Part No.
Standard 20D227800
Rounded (Ball Detent) 20D227801
Handle Options Part No.
E12 Rubber Grip 20H207910
E2/3/4/5 Rubber Grip 20H207207
E12 Extended Lever Assembly 20H102201
E2/3 Front Facing Lever 20H100005
E12 Heavy Duty Cable Adapter 20H103100
Other Options Part No.
E12 LED Flexible Light Kit 20K101804
E12 LED Stationary Light Kit 20S113202


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