B Series – Pistol Tool

B12 Output Options Part No.
1/4” Square Drive 20D119302
1/4” Quick Change 20D119300
3/8” Square Drive 20D119301
Socket Lock Pin 1/4” SD Part No.
Lock Pin Plug A3090
Lock Pin A3060
Spring A3073
Socket Lock Pin 3/8” SD Part No.
Pin Stop L3401
Lock Pin 20D227800
Spring 20R201413
Rounded (Ball Detent) 20D227801
B12P Reaction Components Part No.
Spacer (Default) 20D217000
Reaction Bar, Aluminum 17” 20K100103
Reaction Bar, Steel 17” 20K100104
Suspension Bail Part No.
Wire Bail A3061
Anti-Mar Protection Part No.
Battery Pack Cover – 4 Ahr 20R215400
Battery Pack Cover – 2 Ahr 20R215401
Handle Options Part No.
Barcode Scanner 20H106100
Zigbee Radio 20H106102
Battery Pack Options Part No.
Battery Pack, 2 Amp Hour 21R209700


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