BM Transformer / Coil Winding Machines

The BM Range of Coil Winding machines with automatic wire guide. Ideal for winding small transformers and solenoids.


  • Very robust and reliable
  • Layer winder with automatic stop at pre-set number of turns.
  • Ideal for small batch and “specials”
  • Excellent repeatability and accuracy
  • Can be supplied as a complete production unit,mounted on a table with wire tensioning and de-reeling devices, full safety guarding and foot pedal operation.
  • Optional infinitely variable DC drive
  • Constructed from robust aluminium castings and high grade steel.
  • The wire guide is driven to and from by reversing dog gears via a lead screw. The traverse direction can be changed manually by a lever. The reverse carriage can be released by a quick release nut and moved to any desired position.
  • The tailstock is provided with a ball race and quick release lever. The machine is provided with a universal winding spindle with cones for easy clamping of the bobbins.
  • The two stage wire range is selected by a lever and adjusting wheel.
  • An easily read scale shows the wire pitch setting.
  • The machines are driven by a single or three phase motor incorporating an enclosed mechanical clutch and brake which is foot-pedal operated.
  • The clutch can be slipped and the hand wheel used to rotate the winding shaft.
  • All models are supplied with an auto-stop facility comprising of a five figure pre-determining electronic counter and electronic brake.


Wire range 0.06 – 1.40 mm 0.06 – 1.40 mm 0.06 – 1.40 mm 0.16 – 4.00 mm
Coil diameter Max 180 Max 180 Max 180 Max 300
Coil length 5-190 5-190 5-190 5-220
Drive 1 phase, 4000 rpm 1 phase, 4000 rpm 1 phase, 4000 rpm 3 phase 1400 rpm


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