Inline Retractable Fixtured Tools (12 to 100 Nm)

MB1F1 Output Part No.
1/2” Square Drive (SD) 20D101600
1/2” SD with Ball Retainer 20D101602
1/2“ SD X 2” Extension 20D101610
1/2” SD X 3” Extension 20D101603
1/2” SD X 4” Extension 20D101608
1/2” SD X 5” Extension 20D101604
1/2” SD X 6” Extension 20D101606
1/2” SD X 7 5/16” Extension 20D101605
1/2” SD X 8” Extension 20D101609
1/2” SD X 11” Extension 20D101607
MB1F2 Output Part No.
3/8” SD M6128
3/8” SD X 1” Extension 20DS102100
3/8“ SD X 3” Extension A6125
1/2” SD M4815
1/2” SD X 2” Extension 20D122000
1/2“ SD X 3” Extension M6011
1/2“ SD X 5” Extension M4888
MB1F1 Spring Part No.
Standard B4093
Heavy Duty 20R201401
MB1F2 Spring Part No.
Standard M4821
Heavy Duty 20R201402
Extra Heavy Duty 20D126700
Fixtured Handle Part No.
Standard Top 20H202300
90° Top 20S105100
3/8” Socket Retainer Part No.
Lock Pin A4040
Ball Pin A4232
Lock Pin Plug A4041
1/2” Socket Retainer Part No.
Lock Pin K4024
Ball Pin K4050
Lock Pin Plug K4025


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