MF Body Scanner Coil Winding Machine

Whitelegg produced the world’s first body scanner winding machines in the early 1982 and the latest range of MF machine features the latest in tension control and ease of use for perfect results every time.

  • For winding MRI bodies, comprising a headstock, low level base and a fixed or adjustable position tailstock.
  • Robust welded steel construction housing the winding motor and incorporating a slotted 500mm faceplate. Specific tooling to mount the winding core can be manufactured and fitted to the faceplate.┬áThe winding is performed via a braked servomotor
  • Fully servo controlled de-reeler for wire tension and position. As the lateral winding position moves, then the de-reeler follows automatically giving a constant wire line
  • Sophisticated motion control system gives the following benefits:

1. monitor and maintain a constant tension in the material being wound

2. layer wind the material very accurately

3. layer control for spooling and de-spooling

4. programmable winding with an on-board memory for storing winding programs

5. Data logging for each winding so that the number of turns, pitch and winding tension can all be recorded

The MF machines are manufactured to order with different maximum coil weights, maximum coil diameters and lengths. Fixed or adjustable tailstocks are available.


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