Pipe beveling machine Type MF2iw

The portable MF2iw is used for weld preparation of tube ends, branches and headers. It is used for steam bloc vessles to process pipe walls, to cut out pipes or to chamfer welds. MF2iw is be equipped with a compressed air motor that arranged in 90° to the sleeve.

The clamping is controlled by switching the lever star wheel, the feed by turning the star handle.

Technical details:

  • Working range ID-OD: 0,433-0,866″ (11-28mm)
  • Clamping range ID-ID: 0,433-1,102″ (11-22 mm)
  • Pipe wall thickness: max. 0,118″ (3 mm)
  • Feed: manuell
  • Spindle stroke: 0,787″ (20 mm)
  • Drive: Pneumatic/ Electric


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