Pipe beveler MF3-25

The Pipe Beveler MF3-25 is used for the preparation of pipe ends, i.e. to cut edges at individual pipes or membrane walls. Because of its small dimension, it is particularly suitable for the preparation inside membrane wall. The MF3-25 can optionally be equipped with a pneumatic or an electric motor. Next to its conventional design in which the motor and the milling spindle are arranged in line, the machine can be featured with an angular drive on request. Therefore, it can be used in different situations with limited space. Furthermore, the star wheel can be relocated as needed.

Technical details:

  • Clamping range OD-OD: 20 – 63,5 mm
  • Working range ID-OD: 12,5 – 63,5 mm
  • Max. wall thickness: 15 mm
  • Minimum width of membrane wall ports: 56 mm
  • Weld preparation form: facing, bevelling of butt weld and J groove joint
  • Feed: manuell
  • Spindle stroke: 25 mm
  • Drive: Pneumatic/ Electric


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