Pipe beveler MF4-R

The MF4-R is used for the bevelling of pipe ends or membrane walls. Because of its small dimension it is particularly suitable for the preparation inside membrane walls. The MF4-R can optionally be equipped with a pneumatic or an electric motor. It is clamped by a lever on the front side and the feed by a lever on the back side. Besides its conventional use, the MF4-R can also be inserted into a clamping device to be used as a fixed bevel unit.

Technical details:

  • Clamping range OD-OD: 48,3 – 88,9 mm
  • Working range ID-OD: 30 – 88,9 mm
  • Max. wall thickness: 10 mm
  • Weld preparation form: facing, beveling of butt weld and U prep weld
  • Feed: manuell
  • Spindle stroke: 15 mm
  • Drive: Pneumatic/ Electric


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