Pipe beveling machine Type MF6i-50

This MF6i-50 can be used to machine and prepare edges on tubes, branches and headers. It is used to process pipe walls, pipe cutting or for chamfering of welds at steam bloc vessels. The machine is equipped with three air motors or two hydraulics motors. The clamping device of the machine is regulated by a ratchet and the feed device by star handle.

Technical details:

  • Working range ID-OD: 11,024-27,992″ (280-711 mm)
  • Clamping range ID-ID: 11,024-27,559″ (280-700 mm)
  • Pipe wall thickness: max. 1,181″ (30 mm)
  • Feed: manuell
  • Spindle stroke: 1,181″ (30 mm)
  • Drive: Pneumatic/Hydraulic


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