Pipe Cold Cutting Machine


• Extremely low weight pipe cutting machine
• Quick and safe clamping and set up of pipe cold cutter
• Most precise operation for pipe welding process
• Pipe cold cutting operation
• High productivity of cold cutter
• Perfect weld preparation
• No heat affected zone (HAZ) with cold cut

Application of pipe cold cutter

The portable pipe cutting machine for steel pipe machining of pipes on-site is able to perform
beveling and cutting of steel pipes as well as stainless steel and high alloyed steel
pipes. The machines are reduced in weight and dimensions. The accessories allow multiple
operations, like beveling and cutting in one operation, inside beveling, flange repair of
flange facing. The clamshell pipe cutter is available from 3 – 57“. The pipe cutter can do all
kind of pipe weld preparation by use of different tools.


The pipe cold cutting and beveling machine is designed in a compact way with aluminium alloy components, which give huge benefits to the enduser:
• Compact design for limited access on pipe and pipeline work
• Reduced weight for more ergonomic work
• Split frame technology for cold cut of endless metal pipes
• Designed for heavy wall pipes up to 80

Developed with German universities our tool tip solutions for pipe cutting and beveling provide an outperforming result in pipe cutting technologies:
• High metal removal rate for cold cut and bevel
• More durable cutter, reduction of consumables
• Low cost of tool tips

The drives of the clamshell pipe cold cutter are a basic component of the pipe cutting machine. All motors are west european standard. An adapter allows easy exchange of all motor types and sizes (pneumatic, hydraulic)
• Modular design
• Easy exchange on-site
• Reduced investment


Field of application :
• Radial pipe cold cutting
• Pipe beveling
• Simultanious cutting & beveling
• Beveling both end in one operation
• Inside machining of pipe ends
• Flange facing
• Outside machining of weld seams

Options drive of pipe cold cutter:
• Hydraulic Motor (recommended), power 11.000 W
• Pneumatic Motor up to DLW 12“ OD, power 1.700 W (air consumption: 2,69 m3/min)
• Pneumatic Motor up to DLW 57“ OD, power 3.000 W (air consumption: 3,10 m3/min)
• Electrical Motor (max. WT=10 mm) on request, power 1.200 W

All metal materials of pipe and pipeline:
• Duplex
• Hastelloy
• Superduplex
• Stainless steel
• P91
• Carbon steel


Internal counterbore for pipe cold cutter
Internal beveling device for calibration of inside diameter and inside boring of max. 200 mm depth, adjustable 0° – 25°.

Flange facing for pipe cold cutter
Flange facing device for DLW machines to regroove the flange surface, automatic feed mechanism to be used together with DLW-CB.

External turning module for pipe cold cutter
The external turning module DLW-ETM can be used for external machining of heavy wall steel pipes. External insulation of pipelines as well as overlapping weld seams can be removed.
Travel: 188mm
Feed depth: 25mm (50mm with two steps)
Feeding speed: 2mm / min

Spring load holder for pipe cold cutter
The spring load holder DLW-SLH is used for pipe cold cutting and fast beveling of out-of-round pipes. The spring load holder provides a perfect beveling result for this application.




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