QB Standard Single Spindle Controller

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The Standard Alpha controller operates as a stand alone controller. Standard controllers are setup from the front panel on the controller or
from a computer web browser using the ATB Ethernet port.  Alpha Toolbox, included in every Standard controller, is used to program strategies,
collect fastening cycle and trace data, and perform online diagnostics of the tool and controller. Simply connect a computer to the ATB Ethernet port, type “ATB.QPM” into a web browser and the Standard will present the intuitive software for use.  Standard controllers include a USB port, a Serial port
and Alpha Toolbox software.

Controls Assembly Process, Data and I/O

• Typical LCD Display
• 16 Jobs and 16 Tasks with 8 Steps
• Torque Control/Angle Monitoring Strategy with SmartSteps
• Angle Control/Torque Monitoring Strategy with SmartSteps
• Stores Data for 1,000 Fastening Cycles and Traces
• Real Time Statistics include Cpk, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, CAM, Mean, Deviation, and more
• USB port for Data / Parameter Values Import / Export to USB Memory Stick
• Alpha Toolbox Ethernet Port
• DB-9 RS-232 (Serial) Port for barcode or print functions
• 24V DC I/O, 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs, assignable
• Enclosure has an IP 54 rating with excellent protection against dust and moisture.


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