Ship Profiler


Productivity with a small footprint

The Ship Profiler is a profile cutting machine with a very small footprint. The machine is designed to cut stiffeners and can be upgraded to cut pipes. A 3D laser scan and biaxial cutting head allow the plasma cutting torch to cut accurately. The sealed cutting area protects operators from the cutting process and as improved fume and particle extraction to surpass industry standards.

  1. Productive stiffener and pipe cutting with a small footprint.
  2. Precision cutting with 3D laser scan and biaxial cutting head.
  3. A sealed cutting area improves fume extraction and protects operators from the process.

We were falling behind from a throughput perspective while demand was increasing. In close conjunction with our machine building division we developed an affordable automated profile cutting machine, replacing in average 6 manual cutters. A prime example of the synergy between both of our divisions.


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