It can be used for various mist.
You can use regardress water soluble mist, oil mist, smoke and some dust.

Excellent catch performance.
Hybrid system, combined metallic filter and electrostatic precipitator, has excellent catch performance.

High regidity
Collecting electrode is composed of a combination of prismatic cells, and equipped with high performance and rigidity.

High safety
Metal filter has comparable performance with fire shutter, even if in the case of a fire emergency in the machine, the interior structure of Mist Collector has become difficult to ignite. High-current generating unit has a structure that shuts out an abnormal current. The door switch also has interlock.

Anti-corruption effect of cutting oil.
The minus ions are generated from ionizer pin, there are anti-corruption effect of cutting oil.

Long maintenance cycles.
Combination of metallic filter and electrostatic precipitator has less degradation of capture performance, and has a long maintenance cycles.

Energy saving
By the use of inverters, power consumption can be reduced. Metallic filter and collecting electrode are washable.

No consumables, Anyone can wash and maintain.
Among the basic components,  disposable ones are not used at all. “Cleaning lamp” and “maintenance lamp” inform the period of maintenance.

Mounting/dismounting of collecting electrode and metallic filter

Collecting electrode unit
collecting electrode unit goes out with single touch pulling along the rail.
Metallic filter
Metallic filter goes out easilyremoving the lid.

For hand washing
Put 5-20% diluted cleaning solution to the tub, soak the dust collecting electrode unit, and leave about 10 to 30 minutes, and rinse using a brush.
For ultrasonic cleaner cleaning
Soak the electrode unit in a cleaning tankt, and leave about 10 to 30 minutes, and pull the electrode unit from the cleaning tank and wash with water hoses.

“Ground based type” removed the mist directry from the machine.


Power Source AC200V 50/60Hz
Air Volume 16.9 m/min(MAX)
Moter 0.75 kw (inverter control)
Static Pressure 90 mmAq (MAX)
Electrode 2
Inlet 148×1
Installation Location indoor
Size 1201Hx735Dx680W
Weight 95 kg
Option Stand 585Hx650Dx500W Caster,Drain Pot


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