The premier system for cutting 25 mm, the Powermax85 has the same features and options as the Powermax65, but with more power from a max output current of 85 amps. A variety of Duramax torch styles provide exceptional versatility for hand cutting or gouging, portable automation, X‑Y table and robotic cutting or gouging.

Below are some of the most common system configurations, which include a power supply, torch, work cable and starter consumable kit.

(input voltage, phase, certification)
Handheld system Mechanized systems
75 torch
7.6 m
75° torch
15.2 m
75° and 15° torches
7.6 m
180° full-length torch
7.6 m with
remote pendant
180° full-length torch
15.2 m with
remote pendant
180° full-length torch and

75° hand torch
7.6 m

(400 V, 3-PH, CE), 19.5 A
087122 087123 087146 087124 087125 087136

*with CPC port


Capacity Thickness Cut Speed
Recommended 25 mm at 500 mm/min
32 mm at 250 mm/min
Severance 38 mm at 125 mm/min
Pierce 20 mm*

*Pierce rating for handheld use or with automatic torch height control


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