Taurus 405 Steel Puls S



MIG/MAG pulse welding machine with optimised synergic characteristics for welding steel
Pulsed MIG/MAG welding, MIG/MAG welding, MMA welding and gouging
Significantly less spatter formation and therefore less finishing work thanks to the pulse function
Welding procedures and functions
Welding with solid wire and flux cored wire
Infinitely adjustable arc dynamics (choke effect)
Adjustable start and end-crater functions
Synergic or manual welding operation
Your benefits
Factory-fit option: Extra gas valve for increased safety
High-precision, powerful EWM eFeed 4-roll wire feed mechanism for secure feeding of all solid and flux cored wires
Equipped with 1.0–1.2 mm UNI rolls for low to high-alloy steel
High open circuit voltage for excellent ignition characteristics
Energy-saving thanks to high efficiency and standby function
Easy, tool-free change of welding polarity
IP23 spray water protected
Connection capability for remote control and function torch (only up/down)
PC interface for PC300 XQ software
Protective earth monitoring (PE)
Free WPQR package for certification up to and including EXC2 in accordance with EN 1090 and for welding of unalloyed steels up to and including S355

Setting range for welding current 5 A – 400 A
Duty cycle at ambient temperature 40 °C
100% 400 A
Open circuit voltage 79 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Main fuses 3 x 32 A
Main voltage (tolerances) 3 x 400 V  (-25 % – +20 %)
Max connected load 17.2 kVA
Recommended generator power 23.2 kVA
Cos φ 0.99
Efficiency 90%
Dimension 625 x 298 x 531 mm
EMC class A
Insulation class H
Protection class IP23


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