Taurus 505 Basic S



MIG/MAG inverter welding machine with manual operating point adjustment
MIG/MAG welding, MMA welding and gouging
Welding procedures and functions
Most simple operation and selection of the welding tasks CV (MAG)/CC (MMA)
Welding with solid wire and flux cored wire
Infinitely adjustable arc dynamics (choke effect)
Your benefits
Factory-fit option: Extra gas valve for increased safety
High-precision, powerful EWM eFeed 4-roll wire feed mechanism for secure feeding of all solid and flux cored wires
Equipped with 1.0–1.2 mm UNI rolls for low to high-alloy steel
High open circuit voltage for excellent ignition characteristics
Energy-saving thanks to high efficiency and standby function
Easy, tool-free change of welding polarity
IP23 spray water protected
Save electricity through standby function
Connection capability for remote control and function torch (only up/down)
Excellent torch cooling, resulting in cost savings on consumables due to high-performance centrifugal pump and 5-litre water tank (cool50 cooling unit)
Protective earth monitoring (PE)

Setting range for welding current 5 A – 500 A
Duty cycle at ambient temperature 40 °C
60% 500 A
100% 430 A
Open circuit voltage 79 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Main fuses 3 x 32 A
Main voltage (tolerances) 3 x 400 V  (-25 % – +20 %)
Max connected load 24.6 kVA
Recommended generator power 33.2 kVA
Cos φ 0.99
Efficiency 90%
Dimension 625 x 298 x 531 mm
EMC class A
Insulation class H
Protection class IP23


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